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Yes4All Balance Board Review

Did you know that Yes4All Balance Board has been selling for at least four years now? It’s interesting to see if their balance boards, with all that experience under its belt, can stand the test of time and outperform the top new balance boards in the market.

Build quality


Yes4All balance board has been around for a few years now, and with its low price and well-established fitness brand, it’s no wonder that most people picked it as their first board. Adding this board to your daily routine will improve your balance, core strength & stability.

Yes4All decks overview

The boards are medium-sized and measure from 29.5″(75cm) to 31″ (79cm) in length, which is in the sweet range that should suit and feel comfortable for people up to 6′ (180cm). The decks are also of different widths, from 11.2″(28.5cm) to 14.2″(36cm). Fifteen layers of durable wood guarantees that it should hold the recommended 300 lbs (136kg) weight.

It’s also worth mentioning that this product comes in different finish options, so you choose the most visually appealing board.

Stoppers and other safety 

The product has two fabric strips across the deck’s back to increase friction and reduce slips. Two adjustable stoppers help the board stay on top of the roller and ensure it doesn’t ride off. Antiskid durasoft grip on the top of the deck felt nice even on bare feet and kept me firmly in place. Overall, even though the stoppers aren’t the best quality, they will help you get used to balancing and can be removed afterward.

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It’s worth mentioning that the screws for the stoppers were shorter than anticipated; therefore, it felt like they wouldn’t be holding for long.

Roller, rocker, and other equipment

Like most balance boards, this comes with a roller that has wooden ends and a hollow plastic cylinder wrapped in an anti-slip TPE cover. The cover provides more friction with the board but doesn’t help to protect the floors; I can’t recommend using it on the uncovered floor as the wooden caps will scratch it.

If you opted for the combo version, you should also receive a rocker in your package. This little half-cylinder is perfect for total beginners and excellent for working by standing desk as you don’t move around as much.

Another neat addition to the combo package is the air pillow, a nice balance in difficulty between roller and rocker. For now, it’s my child’s favorite till he gets used to roller.

yes4all three in one combination of fitness balance board, balance cushion and a half roller

Even though I’m using this trainer with my son, the product is not a toy. The seller asks to deny using or playing near this equipment. Teenagers under 18 should always have parental supervision and instruction on the use of this product.

Price and product specification

Yes4All balance is one of the cheaper boards on the market. The combo package falls into the under 100$ price range, offering a piece of multipurpose balance equipment at a reasonable price. Even if the roller and stopper are of lesser quality, the board is a good purchase.

Deck Dimensions31.38″ x 11.81″ x 0.79″ (80cm x 30cm x 2cm)
Basic: 29.53″ x 11.22″ x 1″ (75cm x 28.5cm x 2cm)
Combo: 31.1″ x 14.17″ x 1″ (‎79 cm x 36 cm x 2 cm)
Advanced:‎ 36.61″ x 20.47″ x 1″ (93 cm x 52 cm x 2 cm)
Roller diameter3.8″(10cm)
Weight Limit350 pounds (158 kilograms)
Yes4all balance board specifications

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  • Price: Boards are budget friendly and often on sale.
  • Portability: The board fits nicely under a standing desk.
  • Design variety: There are different color options and also combo packages available.
  • Quality: The quality of both stoppers and screws could be better.The roller could be thicker, or the wooden caps need to be adjusted so they wouldn’t fall out as easily.

If you’re interested in trying out balancing on the board, Yes4All Balance boards are a decent choice when on a budget. Especially the larger board option, as it’s excellent for fitness exercises and strengthening your muscles. Balancing on this board will be fun and will help you improve your balance. And It will enable you to do more advanced balance exercises as you progress. Unfortunately, it is only available as a combo package.

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