Rocker Roller Board

At first glance this device might look like a skateboard missing its wheels, or a miniature surfboard. The name alone might make you think of a wobble board, but this is quite different. Where a wobble board is multidirectional and features a fulcrum that is attached to the underside of the board, a rocker roller board features a platform and a movable fulcrum that adds to the difficulty of the exercise. Each end of the board is typically fitted with a pronounced edge so that the user won’t go sailing off of the board as the fulcrum hits the end and rolls away. This is essentially the same type of exercise that is available with a wobble board, but once again it is more lateral and is not multidirectional.

How to Use a Rocker Roller Board

Most anyone can use a rocker roller board without any serious training, but the difficulty usually lies in the length of the board, the roller used, and whether or not one has the necessary balance to handle the board. The use of the board is quite easy and highly dependent on the skill level of the user. For instance:

Beginner Level

At this level you will work with a very basic board that does have stops on the underside of each end. These stops will prevent the roller from simply slipping out from under the board and ending the exercise or possibly harming the user. The exercise involves shifting one’s weight from side to side, attempting to keep both ends of the board off the ground while maintaining your balance. This will work the core muscles, the hip flexors, and your upper and lower legs as you continuously try to balance your weight and stay off of the ground. As you increase in skill you might find it necessary to work with different boards that either have less pronounced stops or a rocker, which is a an arch at the end of the board that will also prevent the roller from simply slipping out from under the board.

Intermediate/Expert level

With rocker roller boards there isn’t a lot of room for anything between beginner and expert. However, at this level you might want to find a board that features a rocker instead of stops. At this level, depending on your experience, you might also find it possible to increase the difficulty of the workout by performing various tricks that will allow you to spin the board on the roller and create different angles at which to balance. It will still not fully emulate the experience of a wobble board, but by learning to balance in such a way that you can diversify the exercise, you will target your muscles in different ways and force them to adapt, further improving your balance and mental focus.

There is a bit of caution to be taken when using a rocker roller board however, as it can lead to bodily injury if not used properly. If you are a beginner it is recommended to have someone skilled in this type of device to show you the proper way to exercise so that you don’t end up hurting yourself.

The Benefits of Using a Rocker Roller Board

There are a number of benefits to using a rocker roller board, including:

1) It can help to increase your agility.

Having to shift your weight from one side to the other often requires quick adjustments and quicker movements that can demand a great deal from the body. By using the rocker roller board you can train your body to react quicker and adjust as though it’s second nature. The effect of this is that in any situation you find yourself in your body will react just as quickly.

2) You will become less prone to injury.

One of the leading causes of injury is the inability to adapt to any given environment. What differs from those that are able to adapt and those that are not is the ability to roll with a fall or reposition the body in a way that will avoid harm. The natural response of anyone that knows they are about to fall, trip, or otherwise come to harm is to stiffen up and just go with it. By increasing your balance and your agility you will be able to reposition and/or roll with the movement in the best way to avoid any undue harm.

3) Your mental focus will improve with your sense of balance.

When your thoughts are out of focus it is very difficult to balance the body. if you are able to bring your physical form into greater balance then your thoughts will come easier and quicker as you find yourself able to focus upon one thought at a time.

4) You can progress from the simplest exercises to the most advanced.

This isn’t a one for all exercise. Even if you’re the most uncoordinated member of society you can start with the easiest of exercises and eventually work your way to the more advanced levels. There is no one exercise with the rocker roller board that defines everyone.

5) You will strengthen your core muscles.

By using this board you will be using your hip flexors, abdominals, and buttocks primarily and as such you will find that the more you do the exercise, the more fluid the movements become as you continue to strengthen those muscles. This can also help to improve your posture and create a more sturdy and well-rounded physique.

Pros and Cons of the Rocker Roller Board

Just like with anything there are upsides and downsides. A few of those pertaining to the rocker roller board include:


1) You can strengthen your body and your mind by increasing your balance.

2) It’s easy to use and is a progressive exercise tool.

3) You can make your own board with a simple set of schematics.


1) Without stops it can be a little risky.

2) If you have bad or weak knees it’s a less efficient workout.

3) Professionally-made boards cost quite a bit.


The rocker roller board is an excellent way to stay fit and work your core muscles, and is easy enough to make. It’s also beneficial considering that it can be done at home and save you a great deal of money.